5 Aspects to Consider Before Selecting a BIM Partner

5 Aspects to Consider Before Selecting a BIM Partner

BIM Partner

Virtual Design and Construction in BIM play a pivotal role in building design and construction planning for construction firms and contractor holistically.

With the widespread acceptance of Autodesk’s Revit software and government mandating BIM, construction companies are increasingly implementing it across their projects.

Those who are unable to, rely upon offshoring BIM services to best BIM companies in India for cost-effective BIM solutions, charged at hourly or monthly rates.

The second option of outsourcing BIM modeling services for Integrated Project Delivery Systems is also becoming popular progressively – but along with it is a rise in fraudulent BIM partners. Several milestones achieved, gained popularity across the western countries and unbelievable portfolios is what they display on their websites – but how reliable such BIM companies are is a question that needs immediate attention.

We here bring you a list of criteria that design and engineering consultants, contractors and architectural design firms should evaluate before venturing into a partnership with BIM service providers or hiring a BIM partner:

Check the BIM Company’s Experience

With so many enterprises portraying as leading BIM partners, it is very important for any contractor, engineer, an architectural consultant or MEP contractor to check overall credentials of the organization. One must check the stability, experience, and everything about the company just like a background check with their past clients – before hiring a BIM professional on board. The BIM Company’s online presence will tell you a lot – domain age, URL, social media profiles, etc. for finding out everything.

If checking out the experience, it should tell you if the company’s works fall into your scope of work. Their methodology of project execution should match or at least fall close to yours in order to implement BIM seamlessly into your organization.

Believing only after Seeing

It is important to check the list of projects undertaken by the BIM service partners you intended to hire. Usually, there is a case study or portfolio or project section available on their sites which should be verified for the authenticity. Couple of virtual meetings with their team will ensure the credentials of the online literature of the company and an exposure of their professionals’ knowledge.

Reference Checks

It is always beneficial to take reference checks of the BIM Company from some of its past and current clients. This first-hand feedback from the clients can be regarded as the most authentic as they have been on the other side where you intend to embark. They will tell you how the company functions as far as project execution, deliverables, adherence to timelines, and quality are concerned. Clients located near you will be the best source to evaluate the BIM outsourcing services provided by a particular company. You can gauge these aspects on basis of communication emails from the company, pricing comparison etc.

Low Costs are Not Always the Best Deal

The companies offer lower prices for fishing more clients. But low cost doesn’t guarantee effective project execution. Time is also an important factor, though intangible, which affects the overall cost of the project. Quality is another factor incurring costs. Lacking skills and professional exposure of the onboard BIM managers will lead to poor BIM deliverables at low costs. It is thus wise to select a BIM modeling service partner who offers you quality, appropriate timeline and not only the costs.

Ideally, before finalizing or signing a deal with a company, you should compare the cost quotes of 3-4 different companies and the man-month hours consumed by each for a particular job done. There can be a difference of 10-15 % but more is an issue.

Say no to Freelancers

The most important advice to any construction company or a general contractor or for those matters any professional in construction industry outsourcing should never be done to a freelancer. This is so because freelancers are a group of people working on multiple projects without any project manager or a setup. Such an environment cannot work the best for your crucial construction projects when they get critical or cannot get into working for the best results when the case further gets complex.

Final Thoughts

These are the few important parameters that evaluate the BIM companies in market and there are others more too that are vital to make any decision. Outsourcing your building design requirements and construction planning should bring you the possible and optimal solution to speed up construction and get excellent insights through VDC – the end goal. So remember you evaluate any company the next time you are joining hands with a third part for your BIM modeling needs.

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