7 Benefits of using AutoCAD Sheet Set

7 Benefits of using AutoCAD Sheet Set

AutoCAD has Sheet Set feature since version 2005. Yes, it’s been that long. More than 10 years already! But still not many people use it.

Sheet Set can be very useful, it gives more benefits than using regular layout. By using layout alone, we can get many benefits (read: 10 Reasons to Use AutoCAD Layout).

engineering drawing sheets

You can get more benefits by implementing Sheet Set in your workflow. Let’s see what Sheet Set offers.

1. Manage similar drawings in Subsets

Sheet Set works like folders in Windows. But instead of managing files, it manages your sheets. You can create Subsets under the main Sheet Set. You can create Subset under a Subset if you need to classify the drawing further.

This is how Sheet Set looks in Sheet Set Manager.


This probably doesn’t feel significant. But there are many benefits of managing the drawings in Sheet Sets. We will see them in the next point.

2. Publish drawings

You can use publish command without using Sheet Set Manager. However, if you manage the drawings in Sheet Set properly you can publish multiple drawings faster.

You can choose to publish the whole drawings in the whole Sheet Set. Or if you want to publish only architectural drawings, you can publish drawings in a Subset.


You certainly can save the sheet list in Publish command. But as the project grows, you also need to update the drawing list regularly.

You don’t have to do that if you use Sheet Set. The drawing list in Sheet Set will also grow if you use it.

3. eTransmit drawings

eTransmit is a great tool to pack and send your drawings. Similar to publish command, you can use this tool separately. However, accessing this tool from Sheet Set Manager will add the drawings quickly than add the drawing individually to eTransmit.


You can pack and send (or backup) all drawings in your project with all dependent files quickly.

4. Automatic Title Block texts

Sheet Set can fill required text in title blocks automatically, for all sheets in Sheet Set. Every time you create a new sheet in Sheet Set, AutoCAD will fill the text for you.


If you have to change the drawing information, you only need to do it once. The value will be updated in all sheets.

This will reduce time and error when creating your drawings.

5. Automatic drawing list

You can create drawing list from Sheet Set easily. Similar to the other tools, you can create sheet list from the whole Sheet Set or just a specific Subset.


Not only the drawing number and drawing name, you can include all necessary properties like drawn by, check by and approved by like below.


6. Automatic view title

Sheet Set doesn’t just manage sheets. It also recognize your views in model and sheets. When you place your views using Sheet Set in sheet (if you are confused, we used to call it layout) AutoCAD will also filled view title with information.

In this example, AutoCAD will fill the sheet number, drawing name and drawing scale automatically.


You need to input the drawing number manually, but AutoCAD has done the most work!

7. Automatic callout number

You can add callout to refer to other drawing in Sheet Set. If you guess Sheet Set Manager will fill the information automatically, you are right.

The drawing number and sheet number where the detailed drawing is placed, shown in the callout bubble.


Drawing Management with AutoCAD Sheet Set e-book

To get all the benefits, you need to learn and prepare several things. You need to create title block, view title and callout to retrieve the information from Sheet Set. You need to create Sheet Set with custom properties.

If you are interested to learn more about using Sheet Set in AutoCAD, check our e-book here: https://www.cad-notes.com/sheet-set-manager-book/.


It has free chapter to try the Sheet Set benefits as described above. Download the sample chapter here.

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