AutoCAD Designer,Safety Engineer,Welder,Carpenter,Mason,Surveyor- Ahmedabad ,Vijayawada ,Visakhapatnam ,Warangal ,Patna-Shiumesh Nith Firm-1-6 –

AutoCAD Designer,Safety Engineer,Welder,Carpenter,Mason,Surveyor- Ahmedabad ,Vijayawada ,Visakhapatnam ,Warangal ,Patna-Shiumesh Nith Firm-1-6 –

Job Description

We are recruiting Architects, Construction Foreman, Painters, Bricklayers, Cost Estimators, Building Inspectors, Carpenters, Electricians, CAD Technicians, Welders, Civil Engineers, Construction Workers, Construction Assistants, Crane Operators, Purchasing Coordinators, Plumbers, Masons, HVAC Engineers/Technicians, Pipe Fitters, Construction Coordinators, Interior Designers, Quantity Surveyors, Construction Engineers, Piping Engineers, Construction Managers, Site Supervisors, Design Engineers/Design Consultants/Design Coordinations, Tile Setters, QA/QC Engineers, Structural Engineers, Project Engineers, Project Managers, Safety Directors, Safety Managers, Purchase Engineers, Site Managers, Site Engineers, Scaffolders, Safety Engineers, Equipment Operators, Surveyors, Property Managers, AutoCAD Designers, Draftsmans/ Draughtsmans, Interior Designers e.t.c.

Job Responsibilities:

Provides engineering information by answering questions and requests.

Complies with federal, state, and local legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation; anticipating future legislation; enforcing adherence to requirements; and advising management on needed actions.

Maintains project database by writing computer programs, entering data, and completing backups.

Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Preparing construction sites, materials, and tools.

Confirms adherence to construction specifications and safety standards by monitoring project progress, inspecting construction site, and verifying calculations and placements.

Fulfills project requirements by training and guiding operators.

Maintains operations by enforcing project and operational policies and procedures.

Loading and unloading of materials, tools, and equipment.

Removing debris, garbage, and dangerous materials from sites.

Assembling and breaking down barricades, temporary structures, and scaffolding.

Assisting contractors, e.g. electricians and painters, as required.

Assisting with transport and operation of heavy machinery and equipment.

Regulating traffic and erecting traffic signs.

Following all health and safety regulations.

Digging holes, tunnels, and shafts.

Mixing, pouring, and leveling concrete.

Completes construction projects by preparing engineering design and documents and confirming specifications.

Designs construction projects by studying project concept, architectural drawings, and models.

Prepares engineering design by collecting and studying reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, aerial photographs, and tests on soil composition, terrain, hydrological characteristics, and related topographical and geologic data.

Determines project costs by calculating labor, material, and related costs.

Creates feasibility study by analyzing engineering design, conducting environmental impact studies, and assembling data.

Produces engineering documents by developing construction specifications, plans, and schedules.

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