AutoCAD installation request to insert disc 1

AutoCAD installation request to insert disc 1

I found this issue when I installed AutoCAD LT desktop subscription on my customer’s computer. As they want to install it immediately after the start date, I downloaded the media and use it for installing on their computers. To make the installation faster, I decided to extract it on my computer then copy it to an USB drive. I don’t want to extract it on their computer because it would take more time.


But apparently this not true. I spent more time because I had this issue.

When the installation is running, a message box appear.

Please insert the disc: AutoCAD 2016 disc 1

This is AutoCAD LT installation, not sure why it asked for AutoCAD disc. I had to click cancel and the installation rolled back.

Apparently the media we downloaded from Autodesk website won’t work from removable media. You need to copy the media to local drive and then run it from there.

Note: if you use DVD or USB from Autodesk you will not see this message box.

The other workaround is to edit the setup.ini file. This file is at the same folder as setup.exe.

Add this line in the setup.ini file


This method is described in this Autodesk knowledge base.

I’m amazed that this issue has been there for years but never been fixed. How hard is it to add that line by default to installation media?

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