Automatic AutoCAD dimension spacing using double click action

Automatic AutoCAD dimension spacing using double click action

Another great tips from Hai Le (@ThatCADguy).

This double click feature allows the user to space an individual dimension (accordingly to the MMI 3/8” spacing standards) by double clicking a neighboring dimension. The following steps will guide you through a series of instructions to create this feature.

By default, DIMSPACE command allows you to input the distance manually or choose auto. Auto distance will give you distance 2x of text height. Now we will see how you can change it to 3/8”. The are various ways to place this custom command, like in toolbar, ribbon panel, or context menu (right click). In this tip, we will use it in double click action.

1) Execute the Customize User Interface dialog box by typing ‘CUI’ into the command line.

2) Create a new command. If you are not familiar with creating new command in CUI, refer to this article: Exploring AutoCAD CUI: Creating a command.

3) Fill out new command Properties. (See image below)

  • Name: HTL_DimSpace
  • Description: This command will automatically space a dimension at 3/8” times the scale factor from a selected dimension. (Optional)
  • Command Display Name:
  • Macro: ^C^C_dimspace;(SETQ DS (GETVAR “DIMSCALE”)G:TS (* 0.375 DS));


4) Find the Double Click Actions tab under Customization in All Files and drag your new command from the Command List into the option labeled ‘Dimension.’

Now try to double click a dimension then click another dimension as base. You will see the dimension space is adjusted to 3/8” (or 0.375).

More readings

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Thank you to Hai Le for the great tip!

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