Automatic Soil Mulching Machine – Mechanical projects

Automatic Soil Mulching Machine – Mechanical projects


For decades, farmers have been trying to use various materials such as dry leaf, paddy straw, paddy husk, saw dust, dry grass, dry sugarcane leaves, dry coconut leaves, coconut husk, paper for moisture conservation (reducing water evaporation losses), checking weed growth, and moderation of soil temperature. It creates a kind of micro-climate for the plant, which is suited for best performance by regulating soil water, soil temperature, humidity, carbon di-oxide enrichment and increased microbial activity in the soil. Thus, mulching is the process of covering soil around the plant root area with a view to insulate the plant and its roots from the effects of extreme temperature fluctuations.

Mulching is layers of material apply to the surface of an area of the soil. Mulching machine will very cooperative and supportive for farmers to improve grain production And crop cultivation, our latest agricultural technology with mulching machine implements products accessible with very advantages and normal market price cost.

Mulching is one of the simplest and most beneficial practices you can use in the garden. Mulch is simply a protective layer of a material that is spread on top of the soil. Mulches can either be organic – such as grass clippings, straw, bark chips, and similar materials – or inorganic – such as stones, brick chips, and plastic. Mulch is usually, but not exclusively, organic in nature. It may be permanent or temporary. It may be applied to bare soil, or around existing plants. Organic mulches also improve the condition of the soil. As these mulches slowly decompose, they provide organic matter, which helps keep the soil loose. This improves root growth, increases the infiltration of water, and also improves the water-holding capacity of the soil. Organic matter is a source of plant nutrients and provides an ideal environment for earthworms and other beneficial soil organisms. While inorganic mulches have their place in certain landscapes, they lack the soil improving properties of organic mulches. Inorganic mulches, because of their permanence, may be difficult to remove if you decide to change your garden plans at a later date. Therefore, this tip sheet is limited to the use of organic mulches.


Mulching is a layer of material applied to the surface of soil. In this we are applying another layer of soil to a stem of the plant. An automatic soil mulching machine that will helps to farmer to grow well cultivated plants in a small area of land. Some small farmers are not able to purchase high cost agriculture equipments The main objective of this project is to conserve soil moisture at stem of the plant using automating soil mulching machine. This Automatic soil mulching machine is not only limited to mulching of soil but it has multifunction like it reduces growing of grass in the field, it is helps to smoothening of soil and it maintain the clean area between two crop lines.

Some small formers are not able to purchase high cost agriculture equipments, the main objective of this project is to provide soil mulching machine to formers which can mulch the soil easily and conserve the soil moisture.

Farmers and horticulturists use mulching as a method of improving the condition of agricultural soils by covering the soil surface with different kinds of materials. Improvement of the soil physical environment contributes to better plant production. Covering the ground with

mulch may add organic matter to the soil, reduce weed growth, and reduce or eliminate erosion. In landscaping, several kinds of organic mulches are widely used to control weeds and to enhance plant health. Adoption of the new approach was very fast. Just a few years from the first experiments of using paper as mulch the method was commonly used in the region. The farmers used tarred paper saturated with asphalt, which prevented weed growth, absorbed warmth in the soil and reduced evaporation from the soil.


Material used:

  • DC motor
  • Wheel
  • Blades
  • V shaped plate
  • Bearings
  • Shaft
  • Motor driver
  • Ardiuno uno

Phase 1:

To find problems faced by farmers in small agriculture land and find its solutions. Farmers are facing mulching of soil and preventing soil moisture at stem of plant. This problem can be avoided by using Automatic soil mulching machine by adding another layer of soil at stem of plant by doing this it maintains moisture of soil. Mulching is a best technique of adding layer to the surface of the crops stem to suppress weeds and prevent water loss through evaporation.

Phase 2:

To develop a multipurpose machine to solve the solutions. This soil mulching machine not only for conserving soil moisture at stem of plants it also helps to remove grass between two crop lines and it maintain clean farms.

Phase 3: working of soil mulching machine.

The machine wills losses the soil with the help of cylindrical structure with comfortable teeth which we designed in front of the machine. That loosened soil spreads over the root of the plants through ‘V’ shaped plate, we can adjust angle of the ‘V’ shaped plate according to the breadth between the two crop lines.

Automatic Soil Mulching Machine - Mechanical projects
Automatic Soil Mulching Machine – Mechanical projects

Result and conclusion

In summary, the results outlined lead us to conclude that mulch application has a great efficiency for soil water conservation in semi-arid regions. Different mulch materials had different efficiency on soil water conservation, and DOM and PSM seem more favourable for conserving soil water. Our results also showed that water stress affected the physiological parameters examined in this work. Mulching, especially use of DOM and PSM, substantially decreased the detrimental effects of water stress on olive. This study demonstrates that the use of biodegradable materials for mulching may be an alternative to the polyethylene films, because these mulches fulfil successfully the function of the traditional plastic mulches on water conservation. As a new mulch material, the DOM or PSM have some advantage such as repeated use, without pollution and low cost, compared to plastic mulch. Gravel was shown to be effective in conserving soil water, too.

In the present scenario of globalization and health consciousness demand for horticultural crops has increased world over. Excessive competition has not only compelled us to produce more but also to produce quality fruits for sustaining in the international market. Apart from using high yielding varieties and good agricultural practices, there is a need to utilize environmental/biological energy for higher production. Mulching is one such process that can help us in producing quality food in quantities. If the mulching is not installed correctly, it can have negative effects on plants and soil.

Scope for future work

In the days to come, farmers will make use of this innovative technique that helps them conserve moisture, avoid weeds and improve soil health tremendously while producing more. This will also go a long way in the world achieving food security sustainably. Hence, we can state that in near future,

  • Completely automated machine which would optimize the working principles would ease operational methods.
  • Solar powered mulching machine would be more beneficial as power fluctuations in rural areas is a general problem.
  • Automating the working of village workers and cultivator by the provided mulching machine system would ease operational methods and would lessen time consumption.
  • A fully featured automatic mulching machine which can be controlled by a remote, Bluetooth or wifi would invest a complete smart technology in farming.
  • As automatic mulching machine to the present, is practically a working model and the exact scaled model would be more efficient to work to an expected level of farming.

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