Best Practices is a curated content website and we have tried to follow all the best practices for our curated content from various sources.

Here is a list of all the best practices of curated content followed in this website.

Best Practice#1 We reproduce only portions of the headline/article. No article is reproduced in its entirety. If at all the reproduction is done sources are cited and credits given appropriately.

Best Practice#2 All articles available are not curated from a single source. We limit to those articles which we believe are directly relevant to our readers.

Best Practice#3 We prominently identify the source of the article

 Best Practice#4 We provide links to the original source of every article


Best Practice#5 Context or commentary is provided for materials used, whenever possible


Best Practice#6 When using images, we use thumbnail at most unless we have explicit permission to share a full-size image


Best Practice#7 Our link back to the original articles are prominent


Best Practice#8 We republish only small portion of the original article


Best Practice#9 We try to include commentaries for original articles


Best Practice#10 Articles are re-titled whenever possible


Inspired by Content Curation: Copyright, Ethics & Fair Use