Can’t work using AutoCAD layer manager palette?

Can’t work using AutoCAD layer manager palette?

I don’t remember when exactly Autodesk introduce layer properties manager as a palette. It does have benefits because we can create layers or change properties on the fly. We don’t have to close it to continue working like using old dialog box.

However, I’ve seen some users have problems with it. I assume this has something to do with graphic cards. They are probably not certified.

I also see that if they use old dialog box, then it works as usual. So this is a workaround if you have similar problem. I also see several users prefer using dialog box than palette for other reasons.

How can we use old layer properties manager dialog box?

layer manager

There are two ways to use layer manager dialog box:

  1. Using CLASSICLAYER command.
  2. Change LAYERDLGMODE variable to 0.


This command will open dialog box, not palette. But if you use _LAYER command or click the button from ribbon/toolbar, it will still open layer palette.


If you change the LAYERDLGMODE to 0, then AutoCAD will open dialog box, doesn’t matter how you access the layer manager.

So if you have problem with palette, or you just like the old way… you know how to use dialog box!

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