Design and Fabrication of Manual Spring Rolling Machine

Design and Fabrication of Manual Spring Rolling Machine


This paper is to discuss to design and fabrication of a manual spring rolling machine by a simple mechanism arrangement for the production of closed and open coil helical springs. This machine is operated by manual method. This machine produces closed coil helical spring of different diameter and different length. Rolling is the process of bending metal wire to a curved form. The article in the shape of round is made by spring roller shaft. Rolling operation can be done on hand or power operated rolling machine. It can make a spring from a shaft. A shaft is a rotating machine element which is used to transmit power from one place to another. A bearing is machine element which supports another moving machine element. Guider is used to guide the raw material (spring wire). This guider moves on the shaft automatically. This self-movement is achieved by the lead of spring. Handle is used to operate the rolling machine manually, without electric power frame is carries an all parts of the machine, it is made up of mild steel. A work holding mechanism is used to hold the mandrel; it is attached to the main shaft of machine. Mandrel is fitting in the work holding mechanism, the mandrel’s outer diameter is known as internal diameter of the spring.


A spring is a device that changes its shape in response to an external force, returning to its original shape when the force is removed. The energy expended in deforming the spring is stored in it and can be recovered when the spring returns to its original shape. The amount of deformation is directly proportional to force exerted. Spring rolling industry is a large and growing industry. There are many special purpose machines used in this industry to-day. The proper selection of the machines depends upon the type of the work under –taken by

the particular industry. There are many examples of spring rolling work include iron, copper, tin, aluminum, stainless and brass. This project the “SPRING ROLLING MACHINE” finds huge application in all spring rolling industry. Rolling is the process of bending metal wire to a curved form. The article in the shape of round is made by spring roller shaft. Rolling operation can be done on hand or power operated rolling machine. In forming round spring shapes a gradual curve is to be put in the metal rather than sharp bends. The gap between the springs can be regulated by proper arrangement. Spring is elastic bodies (generally metal) that can be twisted, pulled or stretched by some force.


Rolling process for production of open and closed coil helical spring was difficult for different materials due to the variation in modulus of rigidity. And for the purpose of production of springs with different diameters usage of chuck made difficulty due to its unavailability and increased cost and also its maintenance. Which also abruptly increases the weight of the mechanism more than expected. So we had to replace the chuck by another holding mechanism which solved the difficulties that caused by chuck.


When the hand wheel is rotated, the shaft will run. The main shaft is coupled to the bearing with the help of mild steel plate arrangement. The main shaft is rotated with help of hand wheel rotation. Before the hand wheel rotation, the spring wire locked to the lock nut in the spring mandrel. The spring wire is supplied by applying the load through a guide which is fixed in the frame stand.

The guide will rotate freely according to the speed of the spring rolling shaft. The main shafts one end is coupled to the chuck and other end is coupled to the hand wheel. A spindle shaft or mandrel (various diameters) is attached to the chuck and it rotates. The spring rolling shaft is rotated when the hand wheel is rotates. The spring is rolled with the spring rolling shaft. The change in the length of spring due to the rotation of the spring is decided by the operator. After making the required length of the spring the hand wheel is rotation is stopped. After producing the finished product of spring, the procedure is repeated for mass production.

spring rolling machine mechanical project
spring rolling machine mechanical project


After completing the work, it is concluded that work is simple in construction and compact in size for use. Even in the absence of power supply it can be operated manually, and also manufacturing of machine is easy and cost of the machine is less .This machine can fabricate spring up to 3mm wire diameter of spring with less production time with ease by mass or batch production. This work can be implemented in small scale industries.

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