Do you remember your first time using AutoCAD?

Do you remember your first time using AutoCAD?

Remembering the old days is always fun. I asked about your experience first time using AutoCAD on Twitter and Google+ and got nice replies. So I thought I would ask here too.

It turns out that we have many AutoCAD veterans in the community. Far before I even know AutoCAD!

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My Experience

I started using AutoCAD since R14. AutoCAD is relatively new in my country when I started learning it. It was 1997. Most of us were still using drafting board, and not everyone knows how to use computer. The training was expensive, and sadly the instructor didn’t teach me well. Plotting is a nightmare for us. Setting the right scale was confusing. And oh… he didn’t teach me to use command line! Can you imagine that?

I’m fortunate to work in an architecture firm in 2002. That was my first professional experience using AutoCAD. The draftsman there were very good and they taught me very well.

AutoCAD skill was rare in late 90’s here. I’m proud that I’m an early adopter. I didn’t know AutoCAD well, but my friends still think I’m an AutoCAD guru 🙂

What about your experience using AutoCAD?

I know that many of you have interesting stories.

Shaan Hurley has very interesting story about his AutoCAD history on his blog.

On twitter we have Kimberly shared AutoCAD was futuristic back then.

Melanie shared a picture from newspaper, showing she was in high school drafting competition.

How about you? Do you have interesting stories to share? Are you one of the proud early adopter? Are you the first among your friends? Were you struggling with AutoCAD when you switched from other CAD program?

Share your story in the comment form here.

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