Enhancement Of Silk Production Using Embedded System – Mechanical Project

Enhancement Of Silk Production Using Embedded System – Mechanical Project


Sericulture (silk production) is one of the major occupations of rural community in India, producing about 15% share of the world silk production. India is the 2nd largest silk producer after China whose total production amounts to a staggering 80%. Analysis of sericulture practices in India shows a clear need of automation especially during pre-cocoon stages. The silkworms undergo crucial bodily changes that determine the quality as well as quantity of the silk produced, during this phase. Maintenance of optimum values of abiotic factorslike temperature, humidity etc. thus yields a dramatic change in quantity and quality of silk produced. An Intelligent Sericulture plant automation system, using zone-based cascade control of physical parameters can be one of the solutions. Currently, such systems for pre-cocoon stages are purely manual, crude, and lack intelligence. A continuous real-time feedback facilitates accurate and quick implementation of corrective steps. The system aims for increased quantity and quality of silk which is determined by reeling factor, holding capacity, roughness of silk. Also, the zone-based implementation decreases production and maintenance cost making it suitable for rural usage.


Our main objective is to maintain the optimum climatic condition inside the Silk Farm required for silkworm at each phase of its life cycle. The set of programming instructions provided to the electronic components controls each and every process. The growth of silkworm involves three stages. Each stage is involved with different temperature and moisture levels. The temperature and moisture control in the farm is automated by using temperature and moisture sensors. This is established with the help of temperature and moisture sensors and micro controller. This will provide the farmers good efficiency and optimization of silk worm growth is also achieved.


The smart device that is installed in the farm senses the atmospheric condition details like the temperature, moisture, humidity, light etc. Based on the available data samples the farm conditions can be analysed and then the farmer is notified in case any action is required. The farmer can be notified with message alert using GSM module. The optimum values are already fixed. Based on these optimum values the air cooler, humidifier, exhaust fan and heaters are controlled. We configure sensors with compatible board like AURDINO UNO where the process is done and the quick is taken by device to control abiotic factors. The system will also initiate a notification to farmer if required.

Enhancement Of Silk Production Using Embedded System - Mechanical Project
Enhancement Of Silk Production Using Embedded System – Mechanical Project

Results and conclusions:

Automated processing is a major advantage in this project, no need of presence of farmer in the farm all the time.

Any changes in the climatic conditions like rise or fall in temperature and humidity unfavorable to silkworms will be sent to farmers by using GSM module. So that the farmer can monitor the condition of silkworms.

The temperature and moisture level in the farm are controlled automatically. The sericulture farm is protected and entrance of insects is detected using IR sensor. It helps farmers come out of their economic crisis.This project is economically feasible.

Scope for future work:

Adding camera to farm and monitoring the health of silkworms using image processing. We can include smoke sensor to ensure the air quality. It will reduce the death of silkworms. We can modify this to 2 types like manual (system can monitor certain parameters and farmers remaining) and Automatic (system controls all climatic parameters).

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