Fabrication and Analysis of Lawn Mower – Mechanical Projects

Fabrication and Analysis of Lawn Mower – Mechanical Projects


In our project we fabricate the grass cutting machine for the use of agricultural field, to cut the crops in the field. This is a new innovative concept mainly used in agricultural field. It is simple in construction and its working is easy. The components that are used are motor, gear arrangement, cam, chain and sprocket, lead screw, wheel, control unit. Below the gear arrangement cutting blade is fixed. When the motor starts running by the use of power supply, the shaft also rotates and that rotates the gear arrangement which is coupled with the motor. As the gear arrangement rotates the cam arrangement, it operates the sickle bar which tends to cut the plants or crops. The sickle bar has one is fixed cutter and another one is movable cutter which is placed on it. The whole set up is placed on a movable base which has a wheel arrangement.


A grass cutter is a machine that uses revolving blades, to cut a garden land spaces, at an even length. Grass cutters employing a blade that rotates about a vertical axis are known as cutters, while those employing a blade assembly that about a horizontal axis are known as cylinder or reel cutters.Many different designs have been made, each suited to a particular purpose. The smallest types, pushed by a human, are suitable for small residential lawns and gardens, while larger, self-contained, ride-on mowers are suitable for large lawns, and the largest, multi-gang mowers pulled behind a tractor, are designed for large expanses of grass such as golf courses and municipal parks.


The grass cutter is consists of the following components to full fill the requirements of complete operation of the machine.

  • Motor
  • Belt and pulley
  • Blades
  • Wheel
  • Control unit
  • Cam
Fabrication and Analysis of Lawn Mower - Mechanical Projects
Fabrication and Analysis of Lawn Mower – Mechanical Projects


In our project we are using the grass cutter for cutting the grass in the field. It consists of simple manner and the using components are motor, cam, chain and sprocket, lead screw, wheel, cutter. Arrangement witch this project using two cutter one movable cutter another one fixed cutter the movable cutter is connecting to the cam link and cam is rotating help of motor. Here the motor is working using with the help of electric power supply; When the motor to start running the shaft is rotate and it’s rotating the cam arrangement is rotating with attach of cutting blade and the cutting process is carrying out by this machine. The grass cutter vehicle is moving help of motor. The motor is connecting with the chain and sprocket arranges meant the pulley is coupled with wheel shaft. The cutter is moving help of lead screw setup.


This project is made with pre planning, that it provides flexibility in operation. Easiest operation is obtained by the control unit in the “LAWN MOVER”. The comparative gain that can be accomplished is the utilization of motor in control unit. This innovation has made the more desirable. This project “GRASS CUTTER” is designed with the hope that it is very much economical and help full to many agricultural areas. This project helped us to know the periodic steps in completing a project work. Thus we have completed the project successfully.

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