Fabrication of Pellet Making Machine – Mechanical projects 

Fabrication of Pellet Making Machine – Mechanical projects 

Engineering over the last decade there have been two major factors that have been driving the growth of the pellet fuel market. The first is the consistent rise in the cost of fossil fuels and price instability, and the second is the increased attention given to the effects of using fossil fuels such as oil and gas on The environment. Other factors that support the case for pellets is that they are a fuel that can be produced locally, from local wood and biomass materials. Local pellet production and distribution can produce an affordable fuel, while creating local jobs and keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum. One question that many people ask is why have pellets instead of just burning logs? Well there are many reasons, but firstly logs only come from trees that in general grow very slowly. Pellets can be made from practically any biomass material including straws, grasses, energy crops etc. For example hemp is set to be a biomass fuel leader. The other main reasons for pellets over logs are that pellets burn much more efficiently. This means pellets produce less ash, less smoke and more heat.

Also pellets have a uniform size, shape, density and moisture content. These consistent qualities make it possible to design highly automated combustion systems such as modern wood pellet stoves and boilers.


Our process for manufacturing wood pellets for fuel involve placing clean wooden biomass normally between 0-5mm under high pressure through small round holes called a “die.” Eco Energy use ring die machines. The manufacturing process must have the correct conditions for the natural lignin in the wood to be released and bind the wood pellets together, we don’t use any glues or binding agents in our production or products, when the biomass “fuses” together, forming a solid mass. This process is called “extrusion.” Eco Energy’s manufacturing process forms high-quality fuel wood pellets, while other types of biomass may need additives to serve as a “binder” that have to hold the pellets together. Creating wood pellets is a small part in the overall process of manufacturing wood fuel pellets.

pellet machine mechanical projects
pellet machine mechanical projects


A highly sprung roller is rotated around the inside of the heated metal plate called a “die.” The die has multiple 6mm holes drilled through it of which allows the biomass to be compacted under high temperature and extreme pressure creating the carpet between the rollers and the die. This is the constantly under pressure and heat. When the conditions are correct the biomass particles pass through the die and will fuse into a solid mass this is where the natural Lignin in the wood acts as the binder turning into a wood pellets. The Blade slices the wood pellets to the required length as it passes out of the die. Sawdust is deemed one of the best feedstock for pelleting because the lignin that is naturally present in the wood this is what binds the wood pellets together under the correct conditions.

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