Fabrication Of Semi – Automated Cement Plastering Machine – Mechanical projects

Fabrication Of Semi – Automated Cement Plastering Machine – Mechanical projects

Now a day’s construction revolution has made the contractors to equip their construction in such a way so as to perform the highest output with as minimum construction cost as possible. In order to have highest output the parameters like accuracy, precision, quality and cycle time have to be optimized, this optimization is possible either by having a skilled man power or automating the system. In the first case, continuously doing the same kind of work for long time will cause fatigue resulting in lower efficiency. So it would be better to automate the system if work nature if of same is in case of large construction. With the automation it is also possible to have higher efficiency, accuracy and quality. Contractors are also concerned with safety levels of the worker as well; automation also provides a solution on the safety aspects of both worker and machine. This project is a welcome edition and a new innovative concept where we thought this as an ideal alternative for the manual method. This Project relates to the design and fabrication of semi-automatic wall care machine. This project will not only provide an alternative to manual labour used but also with high efficiency and portability.


  1. Our aim of this project is to render the plasters on walls mechanically and automating the process.
  2. This project aims in reducing the intervention of trained workers.
  3. This innovative method keeps up with the ever-changing world of building automation.
  4. To simplify the whole process and to attain better work finish with minimal cost at minimal time.


  • Observation and analysis of the conventional methods used to plaster walls.
  • Market survey about any existing tools, equipment and machineries.
  • Analysis about the existing methodology.
  • To improve existing methods.
  • Methods to tackle the disadvantages in the current methods.
  • Design of machine
  • Fabrication of the designed model

Working Principle:

The machine is clamped to the wall ensuring that the blade edges touch the wall surface evenly. The wall-care paste is then poured into the box of the machine which carries the wall care paste. The inclined column is adjusted to the required inclination angle depending upon the

amount of wall-care to be applied on the wall. The box containing the wall-care paste is lowered to the required height. The user then turn on the motor which helps in lifting the box using rope and pulley mechanism? Due to the upward movement of the box the push rod which slides on the inclined column tends to move inwards into the box. The push rod which has a plate and rubber pad at the other end inside the box keeps the box sealed and prevents leakage of the paste.

Due to the inward motion of the push rod the pressure is acted upon the paste which moves out from the slit provided on the opposite side of the box, thus enabling the paste to fall on the blade surface. As the blades rest upon the wall surface the upward motion causes the wall-care to be pasted on the wall surface.

Fabrication Of Semi - Automated Cement Plastering Machine - Mechanical projects
Fabrication Of Semi – Automated Cement Plastering Machine – Mechanical projects


  • Rope drive : 25mm diax0.8m length
  • 0.5HP 3 phase AC motor
  • Bearing 2No.s
  • Pulley: 4No.s
  • Limit Switches : 2No.s
  • Electric circuit controller

Results & Conclusions:

The design & fabrication of the Semi-Automated Cement Plastering machine has been successfully completed and tested on different wall surfaces. The result obtained on walls has been considerably smooth finish. Scope of Future Work:

  • The present model is semi-automatic and it does not have an automatic loading of mortar. The automation of loading mortar has needed to be carried out.
  • The machine is developed to do plastering work for straight walls, and not for the construction of a curved walls or inclined walls. Hence Upgrading is possible to make up such challenges.
  • Further Scope is there for making some changes to use the machine for any size and for the corners and joining of two walls.

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