I can’t add styles drop-down list to Quick Access Toolbar

I can’t add styles drop-down list to Quick Access Toolbar

Do you like AutoCAD Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)? You can place frequently used commands there. You can access the commands regardless which ribbon tab you open. Or even when you use Clean Screen interface. If you don’t know what is clean screen interface, press ctrl+0 to enable/disable it.

We used to be able to place a style drop-down list in QAT. But you can’t place them there since AutoCAD 2015.

Actually, you still can place the drop-down list there. Let’s see how to do it.

The reason why you can’t place it to Quick Access Toolbar is because now AutoCAD has Ribbon Galleries. Instead of showing a simple list, now the drop-down will show thumbnails.


Because they look very large, it will take too much space on QAT.

When you right click above the drop-down list, you won’t see Add to Quick Access Toolbar in the context menu.


But if you prefer to have them in QAT than using Ribbon Galleries, you can place them to QAT. You can add it after you disable Ribbon Galleries.

You can disable the gallery view by changing GALLERYVIEW system variable to 0. Just type GALLERYVIEW, press enter, type 0 then press enter again.

After you disable the Ribbon Galleries, now the menu is available.


Now you can access Dimension Styles list from QAT even if you use clean screen!


GALLERYVIEW system variable won’t affect text style drop-down list. Read this knowledge base about Text Style gallery. So you can’t add it to QAT.

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