Interior Designer- Baddi ,Bilaspur ,Chamba ,Dalhousie ,Dharamshala-Jay Services-3-8 –

Interior Designer- Baddi ,Bilaspur ,Chamba ,Dalhousie ,Dharamshala-Jay Services-3-8 –

Job Description

Interior Designer Job Duties

Designs interior spaces, including permanent architectural details and temporary elements

Assesses and meets client requirements and desires through regular meetings and conferences

Produces sketches, drawings, and floor plans to illustrate concepts and finished projects using computer-aided design programs (CAD) and hand-drawing skills

Creates idea boards to communicate design concepts to clients

Selects design strategies and colour palettes to create cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environments

Enhances and improves interior spaces’ functionality by modifying architectural elements and arranging furnishings, artwork, and decor

Creates project budgets, including materials and labour

Establishes project timelines and coordinates work activity, vendor involvement, and outside contractors as necessary

Negotiates pricing for materials and labour

Maintains relationships with vendors and outside contractors, and hires out work as necessary

Participates in regular networking opportunities and actively develops a client base

Performs research and maintains a working knowledge of trends and new developments in the interior design and architecture worlds

Adheres to national and local building and safety codes with every design element

Reads and interprets blueprints

Works closely with various colleagues, including architects, artists, contractors, painters, upholsterers, and building inspectors

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