Is your computer free from AutoCAD/Medre.A Malware?

Is your computer free from AutoCAD/Medre.A Malware?

A couple of weeks ago, there is a topic that that went viral: a new AutoCAD malware is detected.

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This malware is actually an AutoLISP program. So it will not affect AutoCAD LT. I read in the knowledge base, it doesn’t affect AutoCAD for Mac as well.

So basically this virus can attack your computer only if you use AutoCAD or AutoCAD based products. Of course, there is no AutoLISP for LT and other products.

What it does is pretty scary. It will send your DWG file using email (SMTP protocol). Your confidential drawings can be in wrong hands!

Find out more information about this malware here:

Information about ACAD/Medre:

More information about AutoCAD and viruses:

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