Onshape Poll Finds Culture and People are Key Drivers of Innovation in Organizations

Onshape Poll Finds Culture and People are Key Drivers of Innovation in Organizations

In a recent study conducted by management consulting firm Korn Ferry, researchers found that many professionals desire to continue working from home – at least a few days a week even after their companies re-open the traditional office. Nearly 66 percent of respondents say they are more productive when working from home. In an Onshape poll earlier this summer, we learned that work-life balance remains a top priority for remote workers. The future of work is definitively trending toward employees continuing to work from virtual workplaces.

So what can companies do to ensure they continue to drive innovation?

In a recent Onshape poll, we asked “What factor contributes the most to driving innovation in an organization?

Nearly 65 percent of respondents voted for “people and a culture of innovation” as the top factors that drive innovation, while 22 percent chose “management, vision, and leadership.” The remaining 13 percent believes real-time collaboration and design platforms contribute the most to driving innovation in companies.

This poll result doesn’t surprise me. After all, it’s people who build the corporate culture and design the innovative products that impact society and save lives. Customers are people too.

Therefore, it’s imperative that we humanize technology and spotlight the people who are the brains behind a company’s innovation — it’s their curiosity, passion and problem-solving skills that help design products that matter.

During a recent CXOTalk, “Innovation and the Engineering Design Process,” Onshape founder Jon Hirschtick, who now heads the SaaS business unit at PTC, shared his view on innovators and designers.

“It’s the innovators who look around and are constantly curious. In order to be an innovator, you have to be willing to spend time looking at things that don’t even seem relevant to what you’re doing,” he said. “You have to be somebody who says, ‘I’m going to just learn about this because it’s different and new.’”

“Designers are always inspired,” he continued. “We’re informed. We have inspiration boards of examples… They should also be inspired by the tools and processes they see in other parts of the world and they can bring those to how they develop products.”

Well said, Jon.

Do you think a culture of innovation is critical to inspiring people and designers? Tweet us your thoughts at @Onshape.

Parna Sarkar-Basu

Parna Sarkar-Basu is a tech evangelist and the founder of Brand and Buzz Marketing. She serves as a strategic advisor to transformational leaders and technology pioneers, and helps them launch and reinvent companies. Her expertise includes changing market perception, building market relevance, corporate (re)-positioning and new market entry as well as helping companies navigate the digital era. A voice for gender inclusivity and STEM, Parna designs and supports programs to inspire women in technology and future innovators.

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