Revit Section Line Disappear in Large Scales

Revit Section Line Disappear in Large Scales

I had this question:

“Why when I created a section in 1:100 view scale, then I change the scale to 1:500, the section line disappear? But if I create the section line in 1:500 view scale, I can see the section line…”

Revit has many properties to control object appearance and visibility. This is a sample of graphics parameters category. If you want to reproduce this inquiry, open a Revit project. Make sure view scale in view control is showing 1:100. Place a section line in a plan view. Now change the view scale larger than 1:100. The section line is magically disappear. But this is not cool, unlike David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty disappear. He didn’t want this.

To allow the section line appear in larger scale, we need to change a property. Find the section view in project browser.

When we create a section line, a section view will be added in project browser, under sections category. Revit will name it ‘section 1’, ‘section 2’,… by default. You can rename it if necessary.

Right click above the section name, and click properties in contextual menu.


You will see a dialog opened.

Alternatively, you can set the view scale back to 1:100. When the section line appear, select it. Right click, select element properties from contextual menu.

In graphics category, find ‘hide at scales coarser than’ parameter. Change the value to larger scale. Use the largest scale you want the section line to appear.


Now the section line will appear in larger scale than the scale you use to create it.

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