Tech Tip: How to Add Images to Comments in Onshape

Tech Tip: How to Add Images to Comments in Onshape

By: Cody Armstrong

Mar 24, 2020

With many people working remotely, effective communication between team members has become more important than ever. One of the most useful collaborative features of Onshape is the Comments functionality. It allows you to communicate in real time with others who have been shared into the Document, eliminating the need to email screenshots back and forth. But one little known aspect of Comments is the ability to add images. Let’s take a look.

Adding an image to a Comment is simple. While in the Comment flyout, click the “Browse for attachment” icon and browse for your image.

Once uploaded, the image will be added to the Comment.

This can be useful in a number of ways. In the example above, an image of a spec sheet is added to the Comments dialogue with details regarding fans being used for the design. This could also be used to share screenshots with others involved in the project.

So that’s it! If you need to show someone a screenshot or any other image, simply upload it to an Onshape Comment.

Cody Armstrong

Cody is Onshape’s Manager of Tech Services. He is a veteran CAD user with several years experience as an Applications Engineer in the SOLIDWORKS reseller channel. Previously, he managed a small machine shop and has a heavy background in manufacturing. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, fishing, cycling and golf.

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