Tech Tip: How to Change the BOM Header Display Names

Tech Tip: How to Change the BOM Header Display Names

Previous Onshape Tech Tips have discussed how to Adjust BOMs in a Drawing, how to Add BOM Items, and how Exclude Parts or Assemblies from a BOM. Today, we are going to discuss how to change the column headers.

Frequently, the name you wish to have displayed in a Bill of Materials (BOM) header is different from the property name. This is usually because you need to optimize on space in a drawing, set correct capitalization, or maintain communication with outside programs such as an ERP. The Display Name allows you to modify what is shown in the BOM header so that it displays correctly in your drawings and exports.

In the assembly below, let’s say that you need to change the “Part number” column to “Part No.” Additionally, you need to change “Quantity” to “Qty” because it is taking up too much space with respect to the values.

Go to the Company settings and then into Properties.

Then, select Part number. Fill in the Display name and save the changes.

Then, repeat the process for Quantity.

Tip: “Part number” and “Quantity” are system fields, so many inputs will be disabled or missing.

This is a global change. Return to the assembly and the appropriate display names are shown in the column headers.

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Lindsay Early

Lindsay Early is a Senior Technical Services Engineer for Onshape at PTC. Previously, she was an Elite Application Engineer and PDM Expert in the SOLIDWORKS Reseller channel. Lindsay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She enjoys spending time with her four rambunctious boys, swimming, biking, tabletop games, and movies.

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