Tech Tip: Using Interference Detection in Onshape

Tech Tip: Using Interference Detection in Onshape

Today’s tech tip focuses on a feature released late last year that was highly requested by our users: the ability to detect interferences in your assembly. So let’s take a closer look at Interference detection in Onshape.

To get started with Interference detection, simply click on “Camera and render options” under the view cube menu in your Part Studio or assembly. Then click “Interference detection.”

Interference Detection Dropdown

This will bring up the Interference detection dialog. Here you can select the instances you want to analyze and choose whether or not you want to include standard content in your detection (note that by default, standard content is not included).

Interference Detection Dialog

If you want to select the entire assembly, you can either window select, or you can select the top-level assembly from the instance list of the assembly.

Select Top-Level Assembly in Onshape

After you’ve selected the instances to analyze, Onshape will automatically return any interferences. There is a list of interferences in the Interference detection dialog, and any interferences will be highlighted in red in the graphics.

If you want specific information about one of the interferences in the list, just click on it, and Onshape will zoom to that interference and highlight the parts involved.

Highlight Interferences in Onshape

One final tip to keep in mind: Interference detection is not limited to assemblies. It can also be a useful tool in troubleshooting multi-part Part Studios.

So that’s all it takes to detect interferences in Onshape. Give it a try!

Cody Armstrong

Cody is Onshape’s Manager of Tech Services. He is a veteran CAD user with several years experience as an Applications Engineer in the SOLIDWORKS reseller channel. Previously, he managed a small machine shop and has a heavy background in manufacturing. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, fishing, cycling and golf.

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