Top 25 AutoCAD Productivity Tips review

Top 25 AutoCAD Productivity Tips review

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Have you ever read AutoCAD Bible series? Ellen Finkelstein, the author, also has popular AutoCAD tips website. She is a well known AutoCAD author, even before CADnotes exist.

With her years of experience in writing books and teaching, she compiled her top 25 AutoCAD tips and published it as an e-book.

While the title says 25 tips, it actually has more than 25. There are 26 tips + 3 bonus tips. In 40+ pages, she explains each tips in details. If you are a beginner, don’t worry if you can’t follow it.

Who is this e-book for

This e-book will help you to complete your task faster. It doesn’t teach you how to use AutoCAD. But it will show you faster ways to accomplish your tasks.

This e-book will be very useful for beginners. She explains each tips clearly, so you will be able to follow them easily. However, AutoCAD veterans will find some useful tips too. I found at least two that I’ve never known before.

If you don’t know AutoCAD at all, this e-book is not suitable for you.

Table of contents

Ellen grouped those 25 tips to seven chapters. Here are what inside the e-book:

Chapter 1: Working with Commands

Chapter 2: Finding Coordinates Fast

Chapter 3: Selecting & Displaying Objects Quickly

Chapter 4: Editing Objects Precisely

Chapter 5: Adding Text & Dimensions Easily

Chapter 6: Streamlining Work with Named Components

Chapter 7: Opening Drawings Quickly and Creating Professional Output

If you are interested

If you are interested to purchase the e-book, you can buy Top 25 Productivity Tips Every AutoCAD User Should Know here.

The e-book price is US$ 9.95.

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