Use BURST for block with attributes instead of Explode!

Use BURST for block with attributes instead of Explode!

Did you ever explode AutoCAD block that contains attributes? We use the command to convert your AutoCAD objects to its basic component. We can convert it back to lines, text, and other basic objects.

explode block

But after exploding, you will see the attributes will lose all the data you have given. It will show the attribute tag instead. It is just like the first time you create the objects. So, how can you keep the data in your attributes?


Try to use BURST! It works just as explode, but preserve your attributes value.

Command: BURST


Select objects: 1 found

It will convert the block to the basic component, but you will not lose data.

However, BURST is a part of express tools. You need to have it installed to use it. If you use version 2010 or later, it should be part of default  installation. But if you use an older version, this article may help you to install express tools.

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