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Job Description

CAD Operator Job Description

CAD operators, otherwise known as drafters, are usually employed by manufacturing firms and construction companies. They may work as aeronautical, architectural, civil, mechanical or electronics drafters. CAD operators often have a specialty in a specific field, much as engineers do. Although their work is mainly done on the computer, CAD operators still need to know how to prepare manual drawings for certain applications. Successful drafters have a solid understanding of mathematics and science.

Job Duties

CAD operators provide the guidelines and technical details of the product or structure that is being built. They may work with engineers, architects and other professionals in producing plans and drawings. These documents use specialized notations and symbols to convey instructions about materials, assembly procedures or tools.

An architectural drafter may draw plans for the foundations of structures as well as lay out the interior rooms of buildings. They are expected to study building codes, site requirements and other documentation to determine any impact on building plans. Visits to building sites to collect data and monitor compliance with design requirements may also be part of the job.

Civil drafters draw maps, diagrams or plans for construction projects and structures. They review data from engineers and technicians to ensure that they conform to design plans. Civil drafters may be involved in planning bridges, highways and waste-water treatment systems.

Mechanical drafters produce guidebooks and manuals for machinery and tools by making illustrations of mechanical systems. They employ mathematical formulas to develop specifications for machinery and design blueprints of specific items. These drafters may also assist in product testing, allowing them to revise documentation as the design changes.

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