Have You Tried: Associated Dimensions in AutoCAD | AutoCAD Blog | Autodesk

Have You Tried: Associated Dimensions in AutoCAD | AutoCAD Blog | Autodesk



Lee Ambrosius

For the latest in our Have You Tried series, we’re going to look at associated dimensions in AutoCAD. Having dimensions associated to the geometry they measure can help keep the dimensions updated when the design changes. 

Dimensions that update are linked or associated with the geometry they measure. That’s called dimension associativity. Dimensions can be associative or non-associative depending on how they are created. They can also become disassociated if the associated geometry is deleted or exploded.

Associated dimensions in AutoCAD

In this new Have You Tried, we’ll go over how to:

  • Monitor dimension associativity
  • Control whether new dimensions are associative
  • Work with disassociated dimensions
  • Associate or reassociate dimensions
  • Disassociate a dimension

Learn how to work with associative dimensions with the step-by-step examples in the Have You Tried: Associative Dimensions topic.

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